Seeking Out the Best

Our team invests significant time and resources to get the best candidate skill-set and cultural fit for each role at each client. This is a time consuming process as corporate culture varies from client to client and also between managers and divisions within each client.

To continually source quality candidates relevant for our client roles, Summit Talent has developed a comprehensive industry database through our Summit Executive Search division. This unique database is the result of our in-depth candidate profiling, career status and career objective orientated interviews and ongoing referrals that we receive from satisfied candidates.

As the majority of our candidates are not actively looking to change employment they are not generally scanning the printed media or job boards. It is only as a direct result of our unique search process and in depth career focused interviews that our candidates become aware of opportunities relevant to them. They are then empowered with the knowledge to compare those opportunities to their existing employment situation.

Talk to us about how we can initiate a targeted strategy based approach to sourcing the best quality candidates for your organisation. We can provide you with individual candidates or help you build productive teams.

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